VaporLux - Steam Vapor Cleaning Machine

1 Day
3 Day
1 Week

Powered by 110 Volt Electrical and 4 Liters of water, the commercial Steam Vapor Machine cleans, restores and sanitizes. This machine cleans Tile, Grout, Flooring, Kitchen and Bath Surfaces, Bedding, Patio Furniture, Car Detailing, Pet Odors, and eliminates Mold & Bacteria on Contact. The machine cleans with temperature not pressure and has low water usage for indoor use

• VaporLux Commercial Steam Vapor Cleaner is U.L. Listed
• Safety Filler Cap
• Automatic low water shut off
• 25 Lbs. Empty (machine only)
• Variety of Attachments
• Cart folds for easy handling and transportation
• 12 Volt vapor release handle

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