American Cart Mega Hauler Hand Truck with Rear Folding Wheels

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The Mega Hauler is a fantastic all around cart with a capacity of 1,000 pounds .  The large 16″ flotation tires allow the Mega Hauler hand truck to go over loose and soft terrain. It’s perfect for transporting items like tents or tables. At 65″ tall, the cart has extra leverage and the rear folding wheels allow for better weight distribution and ride control. The Mega Hauler is built tough and now features optional flat free front tires.  The built in ball hitch works with our trailer dolly to create an off road wagon. E-Ratchet strap compatibility is built into the cart, for maximum load security.

Mega Hauler Hand Truck Features

  • One piece welded frame – Revised design adds strength and stability to the cart.
  • 16″ Flotation tires – Pneumatic tires provide stability across grass, gravel or uneven terrain. 16″ x 6″ wide
  • 15″ Optional Flat Free Tires – Provides the same capacity as the pneumatic tires but without the risk of tires going flat.  15″ x 6″ wide.
  • Increased Capacity – Handle up to 1,000 pounds in any position.  With rear wheels or without rear wheels the cart features the same 1,000 pound capacity.
  • 3/4″ axle – Industry leading axle diameter for maximum strength.
  • Oversize base plate – Thicker and more surface area than a standard hand truck (24″ Wide x 12″ Deep)
  • Fold down rear wheels – Wheels lock into 3 different positions based on application.
  • Rear Flat free wheels –  The rear wheels are 10″ in diameter and feature steel hubs with heavy duty flat free tires.
  • E-Track Ratchet System – Allows heavy loads to be secured to the cart.
  • Trailer Hitch Mount – Lay the rear wheels flat and use a trailer dolly to move the cart.  Fits on any 2″ or less ball hitch.

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