TVR Guidelines

Equipment Rental Guidelines: nothing stated herein supersedes the written Rental Contract

Rental Period

Items are rented on a first come first serve basis. Please call for item availability. If you call and want to pick up an item on the same day, we will hold the item for up to 1 hour without a Reservation Deposit. After 1 hour the hold will be removed. To better ensure the rental item is available you may formally reserve with a credit card deposit.

Minimum Rental is 4 hours or 1 day (depending upon item). All rentals leave at the Day Rate. If the item is returned within 4 hours a credit will be issued. Not all equipment is eligible for the 4-hour rate. Ask your True Value Rental associate.

Day Rate (24 hours possession)

Week Rate (7 consecutive days)

Month Rate (4 consecutive weeks)

Rent is charged for time out, not time used. Please return our equipment on-time to avoid additional charges.

Some equipment has an hour meter. On these items you are allowed the following hours of use per rental period:

Day = 8 hours of use

Week = 40 hours of use

Month = 160 hours of use

Exceeding these hours of usage will result in additional hourly charges. 

For example, if you run a Bobcat skid steer nonstop from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. you will have put 12 hours on the equipment within your 1-day rental period. You have exceeded your allowable 8 hours by 4 hours and will be charged extra.

Requirements to Rent

Valid Driver’s License and major credit card. No prepaid cards are accepted.

Cardholder must be present. We do not accept final payment for rentals via telephone, fax, or email.

Pricing & Payment

Security Deposits are required unless credit has been established in advance. The deposit is fully refundable but covers incidentals beyond the rental rate (damage, cleaning fees, fuel charges, etc.). If the rental item is returned per the terms of your contract the deposit will be fully refunded. We process your deposit refund immediately upon return. Your bank/credit card issuer may take longer to process.

Deposits can be paid by credit card. In some instances, cash may be used as a deposit. Checks will not be accepted as deposit payment. Please ask a True Value Rental associate for details.

Prices are subject to change. All rentals incur the rental rate, security deposit, and Florida sales tax. All rentals are charged at the time of pick-up.

Any rental item not returned on the contracted return date/time will be immediately extended for another rental term and your credit card will be processed. Please note that you must contact us if you would like to request a contract extension. All extensions are dependent upon other pending reservations and item availability.

Reservations & Cancellations

Reservations are welcome and recommended for popular items. A credit card reservation deposit is required on some rentals. Reservation deposits must be paid in person at our store or by Credit Card Authorization Form. No phone credit card transactions are permitted and the credit card must be presented at the time of rental pickup to pay all rental charges.

We will allow changing your reservation 1 time (with 48 hours’ notice) without penalty. If you change your reservation within 48 hours of your scheduled rental you will forfeit your reservation deposit. This fee will provide us with minimal compensation for the revenue we lose because equipment was unavailable to rent to other customers while you had it reserved.

Reservation Changes and Cancellations are not accepted via email, fax, or voice mail system.

All reservations will be held for 30 minutes past the scheduled pickup time. After 30 minutes the reservation will be canceled, and the item offered to the next customer.

Damage, Cleaning, & Fuel

Renter assumes responsibility for equipment rented until the time of return. You are responsible for all damage (including tires or tracks), excessive wear, maintenance, and theft prevention while the item is in your possession. In most instances, damage to tires, tracks, or hydraulic lines are caused by conditions on your job site and you are responsible for the repair costs. We charge full replacement cost for damaged or missing rental items or accessories. We do not profit from repairing rental items you have damaged and merely recover the cost of putting the item back into operating condition for the next rental.

Rental rates anticipate all equipment being returned clean. Cleaning charges may be assessed if rentals are returned unclean. We understand equipment gets dirty and just ask that equipment is rinsed off and operator stations are free of trash and debris.

All rental equipment is sent out with the fuel tank full. It must be returned full of the proper fuel. You will be charged for returns not re-fueled.


Unfortunately, we cannot be held accountable for weather issues on your project. It is your responsibility to monitor and adjust for weather. Modern weather apps are quite reliable.


Credit account may be opened with the proper completion and approval of our Credit Application. All accounts must be paid in full each billing cycle. Delinquent accounts will be suspended from rentals until the account is brought current.


We are always glad to help your project by delivering equipment. Delivery charges are based upon the travel distance from our store. Please call for accurate delivery rate.

Towing Requirements

Our insurance carrier establishes minimum towing requirements for our trailers and equipment rentals. The tow vehicle must meet standards to ensure the trailer/equipment can be safely transported. We know that most of our customers understand the importance of these towing requirements and agree that safety is extremely important when towing heavy equipment. Please remember that just because a truck can physically tow a piece of equipment does not mean that it can STOP that piece of equipment or is road legal.

Bumper pull hitches are limited to towing equipment/trailers less than 3,000 lbs.

½ ton pickup trucks with frame mounted hitches are limited to towing equipment/trailers less than 6,000 lbs. weight.

More than 6,000 lbs. will require ¾ ton or larger trucks with frame mounted hitches.

Some of our trailers have surge brakes and others require a vehicle mounted electric brake actuator. Small utility trailers require a trailer light wiring plug on your vehicle.

True Value Rental reserves the right to decline the use of any tow vehicle we feel may not be appropriate.

Rental Equipment Issues

If the equipment you have rented is not operating properly, please discontinue use and contact us immediately. We want you to get your project done. Usually, the issue can be remedied over the phone. If not, we will provide other available options.

We do not make service calls on most equipment. If you are experiencing issues with a rental item you will need to return the item to our store during normal business hours. If we find a defective issue with the rental item, you may choose between swapping the item (if available) or we will credit you for unused time. We may send a mechanic, at our sole discretion, during normal business hours to evaluate an issue with some equipment. We do not make service calls after our normal business hours. Equipment taken out-of-county must be returned to our store at your expense.

You will be charged for service calls required because of operator neglect, abuse, or misuse.

We are not responsible for any incidental or consequential damages caused by delays or otherwise.