Landscape Like a Pro

Landscape Like a Pro

A sod cutter (shown) is a great landscaping tool that can easily turn a homeowner into a landscape designer. Sod cutters can be used for a variety of landscaping applications including sidewalks, stepping stones, flower beds and ponds. You'll discover that using a sod cutter is much more productive than using a spade. It's easy to mark or cut an area for renovation by simply engaging the blade to mark and cut the area and then rolling back the sod before digging or trenching.

When laying irrigation pipes, the results you can get with a sod cutter are much cleaner than if you used a trencher. When you're done filling the area, simply roll the sod back over the area and it's hidden.

Forward and reverse transport controls can help maneuver in tight areas as well. Four-wheel-drive units provide better balance and stability, which can come in handy when cutting on slopes or transporting onto a ramp.

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